I have a cheaper quote to reseal my shower, why not just reseal it?


Resealing is a cheaper repair but is often a dangerous option. Resealing a shower can be an attractive option as it is a 2 hour repair making it quick and cheap. BUT it does NOT fix the failed waterproofing. Resealing is a process where the perimeter joints of the shower are sealed using an epoxy paste which hardens. Resealing does NOT fix the failed waterproofing (membrane or tray) but instead it attempts to prevent water penetrating through the grouting. As epoxy is a rigid sealant it has very limited flexibility and therefore cracks or separates with movement. When this happens water can leak into the adjoining walls and floor causing structural damage that you don’t necessarily see until it has caused significant damage.In short, if the shower waterproofing has failed, the only suitable long term solution is to replace the failed waterproofing not just a reseal. A cheaper quote when it’s not the right repair will be far more expensive overall.

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