How long will it take?


A standard shower repair is a 5-step process which normally takes 6 days to complete. Each step requires drying time before the next step can go ahead. The steps vary in length from 30 minutes to 4 hours each and we will explain the full repair process with you, so you know what is happening and when. We would love to be able to complete the repair all in one day, or quicker, BUT to repair your shower properly with a genuine 10 Year Anti-Leakage Warranty – we must follow this process with adequate drying time in between the steps. We know there are quick fix options offered by other companies, but they do not come with a 10 Year Anti-Leakage Warranty. 5 appointments (30 minutes – 4 hours each) and the best repair once saves you time and money compared to a quick fix needing to be done again and again, not to mention the cost of unseen damage from inadequate repairs.

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