Shower FAQs

I have a cheaper quote to reseal my shower, why not just reseal it?

Resealing is a cheaper repair but is often a dangerous option. Resealing a shower can be an attractive option as it is a 2 hour repair making it quick and cheap. BUT it does NOT fix the failed waterproofing. Resealing is a process where the perimeter joints of the shower are sealed using an epoxy paste which hardens. Resealing does NOT fix the failed waterproofing (membrane or tray) but instead it attempts to prevent water penetrating through the grouting. As epoxy is a rigid sealant it has very limited flexibility and therefore cracks or separates with movement. When this happens water can leak into the adjoining walls and floor causing structural damage that you don’t necessarily see until it has caused significant damage.In short, if the shower waterproofing has failed, the only suitable long term solution is to replace the failed waterproofing not just a reseal. A cheaper quote when it’s not the right repair will be far more expensive overall.

Can I use my bathroom whilst you are repairing my shower?

Absolutely, you can use the rest of the bathroom – just not the shower! The shower must stay dry during the repair otherwise our work will be damaged and it will cause delays in finishing the repair for you. If you only have one bathroom, you may choose to fit a temporary flexible shower onto your bath spout so you can wash your hair, just remember to make sure the shower doesn’t get splashed. We will complete the repair as quick as possible without compromising the repair so you can enjoy showering again!

What if I’m not available to be home for my repair?

We will work with you to find a solution you are comfortable with. Some people choose to be home for all appointments, some people choose to let us in and then we lock the door behind us, others give us a key (or ask us to organise a key from their agent) so we can let ourselves in. We have repaired 1000’s of showers and we are flexible, so together we can work out the best way for you.

What is your warranty?

All shower repairs completed by ACCELERATE SHOWERS have a 10 Year Anti-Leakage Warranty! This means you have peace of mind for at least 10 years! Our warranty is genuine and we have been in business for over 20 years – a lot longer than our warranty! Our warranty covers the waterproofing repair we have completed without exceptions. Beware of Product Guarantees or a Limited Warranties with a long list of disclaimers.

What tiles are included?

We have sourced and carry a range of tiles in stock that are all included in our quoted repair price. We do this for 2 reasons:

  1.   Ordering tiles is time consuming and will delay the shower repair causing unnecessary inconvenience for the occupant
  2.   We want to offer multiple tile options for our clients (not just white tiles like other companies do). We have a variety of coloured tiles in our range including tiles that are no longer available.

Of course, if you have your own tiles or would like to find the tiles you want us to use for your shower repair, you can do so. We are happy to use the tiles you provide, we will just need the tiles ready at the property so the repair is not delayed

What do I have to do? What do you need me to do?

We do it all for you! We do the repair, supply all the materials (including the new tiles) plus take away all the rubbish. We even provide a range of coloured tiles so you can choose a new tile that suits your existing tiles. If the shower repair is in your investment property, we will take photos of the new tile options in the shower and email the photos to you or your agent so you can see the old and new tiles together to help you make the best choice.

How long will it take?

A standard shower repair is a 5-step process which normally takes 6 days to complete. Each step requires drying time before the next step can go ahead. The steps vary in length from 30 minutes to 4 hours each and we will explain the full repair process with you, so you know what is happening and when. We would love to be able to complete the repair all in one day, or quicker, BUT to repair your shower properly with a genuine 10 Year Anti-Leakage Warranty – we must follow this process with adequate drying time in between the steps. We know there are quick fix options offered by other companies, but they do not come with a 10 Year Anti-Leakage Warranty. 5 appointments (30 minutes – 4 hours each) and the best repair once saves you time and money compared to a quick fix needing to be done again and again, not to mention the cost of unseen damage from inadequate repairs.

Do you need to inspect my shower to provide a quote?

No. We don’t need to physically inspect your shower as we offer fixed price repairs. This allows us to quickly email you a quote for your shower repair and if you’re ready, we can book in the repairs to get started asap.  We repair leaking showers all day, everyday and love it so we know what to look for. We’ll simply ask some questions (and may need you to send us some photos), then we can provide your quote. In some cases we may need more information so we can do a virtual inspection using Zoom, Teams etc. We are ACCELERATE Showers so we are always working on new ways to provide the best and fastest service!

What do I do if I find my shower is leaking?

  1. Contact a plumber so they can test the pipes (this includes the water supply pipes, taps & washers plus the waste/ drain). The plumber can advise of any plumbing issues and if required, the cost to repair. They will advise if a waterproofer, tiler or shower repair company is needed.
  2. Contact us! Our friendly office team will guide you through all the information we need to provide you with a quote.
  3. If you choose to accept our quote we will repair your shower at your earliest convenience. We supply everything needed to complete your shower repair (including the new tiles) and take away all the rubbish!

Can you fix my shower during the Sydney COVID lockdown?

The safety of our team and clients is our highest priority so we are checking updates daily.

We are still here, reach out on email or call us if we can help.

How do I know if my shower is leaking?

The most common signs of a leaking shower are:

  • wet carpet/ buckled floorboards at the bathroom door or in the room behind the shower
  • stains on the ceiling below the shower/ bathroom
  • swollen architraves/ door frame or skirting boards near the bathroom
  • bubbling/ blistered paint on the wall/s behind the shower
  • rotten or swollen base of the vanity cabinet (if not on legs)
  • loose or lifting floor tiles (can be a sign that the flooring below is damaged from water)

Where is the leak coming from? I can see stains/ damage but what is the cause?

A shower leak starts from 1 of 5 sources.

    1. Failed waterproofing (also called the tray or membrane)
    2. Water leaking through holes in the wall around the pipes (tap spindles and rose)
    3. Leaking pipes or tap washers inside the wall cavity
    4. Leaking waste pipe (drainpipe) which can be the pipe or the waterproofing around the pipe
    5. Leaking shower screen (if leak gets outside the bathroom then the waterproofing has also failed)